Applied for over 100 years by therapists

The ozone therapy is an alternative therapy, which means it is seen as an adjuvant therapy. A distinction in use is made between the normobaric and hyperbaric treatment. Also you can ozonize water with the ozone device.

Products for ozone therapy

Treatment options with ozone / oxygen mixture in their latest form. Excellent operational comfort and high safety – these are characteristics of the devices by HERRMANN Apparatebau.

Differences / Comparison of Ozone devices

  Hyper Medozon comfort    Medozon compact 
Easy to use by colour touchscreenxx
Latest designxx
Longliving installed components / ozone resistantxx
Made in Germanyxx
Hyperbaric ozone therapyx
Normobaric ozone therapyxx
Small autohaemotherapyxx
Bag gasingxx
Ozonised water with additinal device (Aquazon)xx
Integrated aspirator (Vacuum)xx
Concentrations 5 - 80 µg/ml infinitely adjustablexx
Photometer with automatic
concentration regulation
Fixed setting concentrations by analyzer
Rectal intestinal gasing / Insufflationxx
Intestinal insufflation pressure controlledxx
Optional: Trolleyxx
Hyperbaric reinfusion with ultrasonic
sensor, airtrap and constriction-hose
valve controlled
Ozone taking by syringexx
High compatibility with connection
options in Luer / Lock Norm
Multilingual operational guidance
selectable via colour touchscreen
Oxygen control xx
Measurements53,5 x 18 x 46 cm42,5 x 18 x 39 cm
Selectable in 230 V and 120 Vxx
Various colours (green and silver)xx