Receiving feedback and new impulses in discussions and presentations

Presentations with an open ear
Why don't you visit us at one of our up-coming exhibitions and find out about the manifold advantages of our therapy systems yourself? It is the lively exchange with our customers that gives us and our development department valuable insights into working with our devices. Thanks to permanent improvements down to the smallest detail we can guarantee for highest efficiency of our products in daily use.

There are no events in the current view.

A sturdy network has to be cultivated: at different fairs on human and veterinary medicine, we take advantage of the opportunity to engage in a relaxed chat with customers and interested visitors. When it comes to our products, the latest developments in science are always at our focus. For this reason, we maintain a very close contact with the brightest minds from different fields and appreciate the chance for personal meetings on specialist congresses.

From theory to implementation
We derive the most important impulses for implementing the latest therapy methods from thorough research. The ultimate example is our trail-blazing gas processor 'Medozon ip', which we have developed in cooperation with the University of Marburg. But also at specialist congresses, conventions and seminars we are regularly faced with explicit inquiries about innovative constructions. For the well-being of our patients we are always all ears.