OZOLABS  facial cream

OZOLABS facial cream

1.7 FL.OZ./50 CC.
  • Cares and renews your facial skin beautifully. 

  • Includes ozonated organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic aloe vera juice and other natural extracts, resulting in a cream that is simply second to none.

  • Helps restructure your skin and combat and prevent the signs of aging: fine lines, loss of luminosity, uneven skin.

  • Keeps young skin looking beautiful and will delay aging, improving the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

  • Works wonderfully on any skin type. You cannot start using this cream early enough as its effect is cumulative. 

  • The moisturizing benefits of glycerin and the calming and moisturizing effects of betaine, a derivate of sugar beet molasses.  

  • Includes vitamin E, which adds an anti-oxidant effect, combating free radicals that prematurely age your skin.