Products for colon therapy

Highest safety thanks to proved quality and most modern technology. Comprehensive control elements and a clear design allowes the user a comfortable handling.

Why colon hydrotherapy?

A healthy intestine is the basis for a healthy body!

Which effects has the colon hydrotherapy?

It removes solid faeces as well as rotting substances from the intestinal wall. Problems can be avoided through this cleaning process, which is connected to the direct or indirect malfunction of the intestine.

During the colon hydrotherapy the patient can relax in a comfortable supine position.

A decision in favour of the colon hydrotherapy is a decision in favour of the patient!

Differences/ Comparison of Colon devices

ColonHydromat comfort ColonHydromat standard
Easy to use x x
Latestdesign x x
Longliving installed components x x
Madein Germany x x
Waterflow counter measures how
much water flew into the colon.
Colour indication x
Variouscolours of the devices (blue, green, silver) x x
Overpressure safety (automatic cutoff) x x
PreciseWaterflow adjusting x x
Items (thermometer, therapydisplay,
water flow regulator, pressure gauge,
colon pressure indication)
x x
Waterparticle filter x x
Integrated disinfection system x x
Tankfor disinfection integrated in the case x extern
Optional: Trolley x x
Scaldprotection x x
Optional: Habamat Aquaclean to
prevent the backflow of bacterias
into the fresh water acc. to the
requirements of DVGW
x x
Leftconnection x x
Right connection x x
Measurements 51x 54,5 x 25 cm 49,5x 48 x 25 cm
Connection for oxygen supply x x
Trainingand Installation DVD x x