Products for colon therapy

Highest safety thanks to proved quality and most modern technology. Comprehensive control elements and a clear design allowes the user a comfortable handling.

Why colon hydrotherapy?

It removes solid faeces from the intestinal wall. After this cleaning, enterological interventions can be treated.

During the colon hydrotherapy the patient can relax in a comfortable supine position.

A decision in favour of the colon hydrotherapy is a decision in favour of the patient!

Differences / Comparison of Colon devices

Colon Hydromat comfort     Colon Hydromat standard
Easy to use x x
Latest design x x
Longliving installed components x x
Waterflow counter measures how
much water flew into the colon.
Freshwater bachlight x
Various colours of the devices (green, silver) x x
Overpressure safety (automatic cutoff) x x
Precise Waterflow adjusting x x
Items(thermometer, timer,
water flow regulator, pressure gauge,
colon pressure indication)
x x
Water particle filter x x
Integrated disinfection system x x
Tank for disinfection integrated in the case x extern
Optional: Trolley x x
Scald protection x x
Optional: Habamat Aquaclean to
prevent the backflow of bacterias
into the fresh water acc. to the
requirements of DVGW
x x
Left connection x x
Right connection x x
Measurements 51x 54,5 x 25 cm 49,5x 48 x 25 cm
Made in Germany x x